2018 2017 2015 2016: ONE YEAR ON . KNATTS VALLEY. THE FINAL SITTING.      
          ONE YEAR ON, Chelsea College of Arts, 2016. Performance, 30-45 mins. IKEA Klippan sofa.

‘...the body’s discursive potential, the ways in which it is regimented, controlled, suppressed, betrayed, abandoned, and reformed through history: “The history of the body is(...) the history of what has been written in this form: as injuries, as hopes, as disappointments, as any experience at all.” ’ 

‘One has to watch the same action performed over and over, forced then to come to a personal interpretation of it simply because it won't go away. And, to quote the old Minimalist canard, repetition is a form of change... there are no codes, no conclusion, but the mute intensity of affect is incontrovertible.’ 

Cody, G (1998), Woman, Man, Dog, Tree: Two Decades of Intimate and Monumental Bodies in Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater. TDR, Vol. 42, (Summer, 1998), p.115-131.