2018 2017 2015 2016: ONE YEAR ON . KNATTS VALLEY. THE FINAL SITTING.      
          THE FINAL SITTING, Digital Film, 8 minutes.

‘the home both contains us and is within us. The overall scale of the dwelling, its thresholds and internal spaces are all related to the scale of the body, the stride of the legs, the swing of the arms and the space above the head. Any alteration of these relationships is felt both physically and mentally.’ 

Racz, I. (2015), Art and The Home, Comfort, Alienation and the Everyday. London: I.B. Taurus & Co Ltd.

'The Final Sitting' comprises two short films made within the empty space of a flat the week in which it was vacated. This flat has been the site of much of Sarah's practice over the last year as issues of depression, lethargy, loss and grief were explored physically. The paradoxes of simultaneously assuming the role of subject and object are explored, and the work grapples with the body's relationship with the home: when the home becomes a site of loss and anxiety, as opposed to comfort and security.